Jun 16, 2013

Short term update

Short term signal: NO CLEAR DIRECTION
Intermediate term signal: NO CLEAR DIRECTION
Comment: there is no clear direction, the price is still trapped between MA50 and MA20 bouncing between them. The range 1613-1642 is getting tighter. The price needs to move bellow or above this range to have some signal. I think the break out will be to the upside but not for a huge or a long lasting rally, only several days.

Expected behavior(see the daily chart from weekly review):
- break to the upside - low higher than 1609 followed by move above 1640
- break to the downside - high lower than 1640 followed by a sharp move lower

Levels SP500:
- 1640 if the price moves above the last high long signal will be generated
- 1609 if the price moves bellow the last low short signal will be generated

Levels Xetra DAX:
DAX gapped bellow support 8050 and MA50 but recovered. This level must hold if the index will move higher.
- 8150-8160 resistance move above this level will trigger long signal
- 8040 support move bellow this level will trigger short signal

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