Dec 30, 2017


Two weeks in a tight range, holidays:) Everybody celebrating their huge gains in 2017:)))
This decline on Friday makes the short term pattern ambiguous.... either we have a-b-c last two weeks and one final high or the correction has begun. I can find arguments for both cases. The next 1-2 trading days will show the exact short term pattern. Do not worry there will be enough opportunities to take profits or short if you want:) enjoy the holidays!!!!

I am using the time to prepare the long term update, which I will post on second of January. I am almost ready with it and interesting is I see every asset sending the same message - expect intermediate term bottom/top(NATGAS and PM already reversed, the others need a few days to a few weeks). I do not think stocks will escape "gravity" and trade on their own.


  1. Happy holidays. Look forward to see your long term update. Thanks.

  2. I agree.. many asset classes are seemingly “lining up” at key zones. Expecting some pretty big moves to take place 1H2018 before consolidation in the 2H.

  3. Krasi, any guesses whether gold will beat its previous 2011 highs in the next couple of years?

    1. No, Gold is in cyclical bull market which is part of secular bear market until 2030. It should move higher for a few years, but stay below the 2011 highs and make a low below the 2015 low.