Dec 21, 2012

Short term update

Until now everything was working according to the plan... even too perfect.
Now do not look at the futures if do not want to watch a scary movie:) 50 points drop half of that recovered. I do not know what is going on. I was expecting to see a top soon in terms of points around 1455 but time - not before the end of the holidays. I was expecting slow grinding higher market.
I see two possibilities:
- the big guys will save the day, most of the drop is recovered before the open and slow grinding higher market during the holidays.
- wave X is over and the move lower has begun.

P.S starting from today in the next ten days I must work all the time including Saturday,Sunday and Christmas so probably I will not have time to post. I will give my best and I will try to find time to post charts:)

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