Sep 13, 2013

Did you make your homework:)

The chart(DJIA) shows you that you must do your homework:) and spent a few minutes per day to do a basic mathematics.
First you can see that the same pattern repeats - a move higher for at least 25-30 days and size 7%-8%. Second if you do not use cycle or you think it is fantasy... you can not deny what you see on the chart - a very nice 40 trading days cycle. Now you know, for example, why I was expecting to see a short term bottom - NYMO at -100 and cycle longer than 40 day or it was time for a bottom.

What says the chart about the future? The swing which begun in the end of June is too short, at least for now, only 29 trading days with average length for a swing at least 45 trading days and 10% (the rise since Nov.2012 to Mai.2013 is one move it is not interrupted by a correction 5%-8%, only pullbacks) This happens around tops. The bulls still have the time but the current move should master really a strong rally.
Short said how do you know who is stronger bears or bulls? - If you are bear you want to see the current move shorter than 20-25 days and/or top lower than 7%-8%(15800-15900). If you are bull you want to see the current move lasting for another 6-8 weeks(we have a flat correction A-B-C behind us?) and move higher than 16000.

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