Jun 30, 2014


Wave B could be over, nice risk reward for short term term traders with stop above the high for the day.
Clear 3 wave structure with a=c and 5 waves finished for c of B... it is worth the risk 3-4 points if you are short term trader.


  1. not even close!

    1. It happens some times. It is called... trading.

  2. well... hopefully people got stop loss...

    I guess 1984 is next target, and then hello 2000.

    1. It was a good setup with low risk 3-4 points. Not using stops is just stupid, you must know when your idea is wrong.
      This time was easy - the message was expect sharp wave C lower stop above the high of the day.
      On the next day the index opened higher instead lower -> setup is wrong -> get rid of shorts, buy longs -> make money... trading as usual:)

      Yes somewhere around 1984 is the next target.... 2000 yes but probably later in the summer.
      In fact the bigger picture has not changed at all, I will post charts later.