Jul 10, 2014


Bounce as expected... No impulse lower the bears have failed again. This should not be an important top, so I am not surprised. The bounce looks choppy and corrective... probably A-B-C with target 1950. If this is the case SP500 should open lower below 1970.


  1. Wow!!! again!!! nice prediction!! if you are taking account CFD pre-market trading... then that's very very close!!! nice work!!!

    1. At last to nail a short term move:)
      I told you something smells because of the European markets:)
      I have looked at the DAX,CAC,SMI and now they all say corrective move and it should be over soon. EW says this should be intermediate term wave 4. The shape of the waves, the number of waves, proportions to each other everything fits perfect.
      I have the feeling we should be looking for a bottom.... difficult in the face of a such huge gap.....
      Today afternoon or tomorrow we will see if I will be right about the bottom:)

    2. Yeah! You are absolutely right about this....
      Buy in dip has been work very well for me over the last 2 years.. :-p I've made a fair amount of profit for this kind of trading style..
      However I'm getting more and more worry about it as number of ATH keep increasing and it's far away from 200 days average. It hasn't touched it for a while..... I couldn't even remember when was last time :-)
      But I think this maybe my 2nd last time to do it.. and setting tight SL.

      When do you think the big long wait correction begin? and how do you know that's the real one?


    3. I think one more higher high and than we should see a bigger correction... it should start early August.
      Usually at important tops all techniques align and send the same message.
      At the moment EW and Cycles say last final high will look much better..... we will see if I am right:)