Oct 2, 2014


UPDATE: I have looked at the DAX - three legs lower each 350 points... I can not see an impulse only triple zigzag.
Are we seeing 2 of an ending diagonal??? I am confused, the weekly chart looks awful the pattern on the daily chart says corrective move.
BTW. the EW targets worked great:) 13-14 points from the bottom so far.

I see this two scenarios... the next bounce will tell us what is going on. Weak one testing the 1950 - the red scenario. Impulse and strength above 1950 the white one.
We have technical damages so even if we see a bottom now, I do not think that we will see a new ATH.


  1. Hi,
    Thx for update. certainly in big correction. if NFP comes good tomorrow, any chances of final high? this looks like pure manipulation to me

    1. Do you mean final low:) Yes I think the chances for a final low are high