Apr 14, 2016


The pullback has finished just as a-b-c. The brake above the trend line signaled that it is over. Now it is time to think about taking money of the table at the next high. It is not a bad idea to book half of the profits. The more bullish scenario is that this is the top of 3 and to expect waves 4/5. Even so than you can book the another half of the profits.
Russell2000 for example looks like finished pattern ED for wave 5, market breadth is working on divergences, so do not get too greedy chasing the last 20 points. The move could be over in a few days.

Emerging markets (RSX,EWZ), USD/RUB, Energy(XLE), Silver/GDX/GDX with finished 5 waves - expect moves in the opposite direction for crude oil and gold and the USD moving higher. Obviously we are close to reversal in the intermediate term trends for different assets not only stocks.

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