Mar 21, 2013

Short term update

UPDATE: If the price stays above 1543 triangle, if it moves bellow this level next target is ~1530. Tomorrow we will see what will happen.

UPDATE: only 1543,5 missed the target for a 1,5 point:)

I have already wrote that the oscillators are moving lower but the price is not following and the indexes have unfinished business on the upside. One of the options(the worse one) was sideway move probably triangle - it think that is what is going on. The histogram on the daily chart is already bellow the zero line and the daily cycle is already at day 18 but the price is doing... nothing. Reasonable trade with low risk will be to wait this (whatever it is) to play out and jump on the long side for a week or more. My system is for bigger moves and it is not the perfect tool to catch the small moves in a pause in the trend.
If you look at smaller charts the price is testing EMA20/EMA50 on the 15 min charts ~1552 and short is ok with stop 1556 above the minor high for the day and target ~1542.


  1. krasi, when will your system issue long signal?

    1. Watch for the histogram to turn up on the daily chart... at the same time we will see something bullish on the hourly chart.
      Now the momentum even on the hourly chart is pointing down.