Dec 27, 2013


The last INVESTORS INTELLIGENCE SURVEY - more bulls, fewer bears... SP500 toooo stretched above MA200.

John Hampson:
Investors Intelligence bulls up to 59.6% from 58.2%. Highest since 62% in October 2007
Investors Intelligence bears down to 14.1% from 14.3%. Lowest since March ’87
The S&P Index today is farther above its 200 day moving avg then at any time in the last 25 yrs — with the exception of mid to late 09

Two of the bloggers which I follow think now, that this is a blow off top and we will not see a topping process. I will post some thoughts on the topic next year... in fact the topping pattern which I was showing for more than six months(weekly chart) was negated and the alternate pattern blow off sounds logical now.
John Hampson - thinks now that the top will be blow off top.
Toby Connor - another guy which I follow... one more bear:)

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