Jan 15, 2014


Ok the idea was right... I am not really surprised:) The question now is how high. Most of the indexes made a new high only DJ not. I suspect it will make it too, but I do not guarantee it any more:) If you a are bear you want to see this ATH you want to see even more excitement from the bulls they should be 110% invested.

The DAX continue accelerating. The last two moves up since mid December are already perpendicular on all charts – hourly, daily and weekly... if this is not a final blow off I do not know how it should look like..... so it is time to be cautious, but do not tell the bulls:).


  1. Thank you for posting your charts and ideas. I will continue to follow your work. I am beginning to use Hurst cycles more in my analysis.

    1. Thanks, I am glad to hear that my work is useful :)