Jan 29, 2014


FOMC, optimism, the futures are 10 points higher at 1800 so far so good:) we knew that. Where is the wave 4/only relief idea wrong? - from EW perspective C=1,618xA=32 points or target 1810-1812 (Fibo 50% at 1810), from TA perspective look at the post from Monday, the hourly chart, resistance is at 1810-1815.
Well you know now when the idea is wrong - above 1815.


  1. Wow!!!! Almost perfect!!! Your predictions are more than 90% correct recently :-) In my CFD, SP500 gone up to 1806 and then straight down to 1770 levels... so what's next? Consolidation? Buy at support (around 1770 levels?) and sell at resistance (1795~1805?), pure consolidation now before bull and bear figure out who is going to be in charge for next few weeks? :-)

    1. That was the easy part:) now it is difficult to say if the first wave lower has finished or if there is one more push lower. Yesterday the bulls and bears were fighting hard a lot of up and down. I think what ever it is, it's a short term buy signal and target is 1810-1815.

  2. And thanks for your valuable posts :-)