Jan 30, 2014


The wave 4 finished exactly where it was expected but for CFD/Futures. DAX,DJ,SP500 made lower low and we have theoretically the last final wave 5 for this move. The internal structure of this wave 5 looks finished on CFD/Futures with nice five wave impulse lower on cash indexes is a little bit uglier probably ending diagonal, but it think this wave is finished. Lets say it this way I do not see nothing worth chasing to the downside anymore.

Finished 5 wave from the top, oversold for the short term, MACD divergence on the hourly chart in the making, McClellan Oscillator higher low... the odds are turning to the upside. I expect the next move to be to the 1810-1815 area.

My best guess the first wave lower has finished or it will be finished very soon(max 1760). Watch the market action - if it is not finished the index will open lower or make lower low short after the opening, if the wave is finished the price should try to move above 1784 the last minor high.

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