Aug 6, 2014

The bigger picture

I wrote that I do not have a count for the long run. I am posting links to two other guys which are summing up the two scenarios for the long term and short term:
- Long term wave 3 from 2011 is over and now we are in wave 4 which will lead to significant drop lower. Short term the top is in and we should expect a 3 leg corrective bounce after a short term bottom.
- Long term wave C from 2009 is finishing and short term we have expanded flat and we should see another higher high before a big correction begins.

I will just follow the market - long now and see how the move higher looks like corrective or impulse than we will know which short term scenario.
Than we will follow the market lower and again when we see the move we will decide which scenario - wave 4 or "THE TOP" is in.


  1. Very good work.

    Pretty corrective today making me think so far we will not get another high.

    Look forward to reading your analysis going forward.

    Bob(California USA)

    1. Thanks!
      Yes, really very weak bounce and I am thinking the same, that this is only a corrective move higher.