Aug 14, 2014


I will be offline till 8th September... I will post sometimes if I find time and Internet:)

Current thoughts:
- short term the SP500 is testing MA50 from bellow with MACD divergence on the hourly chart. It does not look good... tighten the stops if you are long.

- intermediate term - open a daily chart and look at the previous bottoms and you will see always 2-3 strong green bars in a row from the bottom. This bounce is weaker, the dip buyers are missing....
So far the market is following rather the preferred scenario for a corrective move than for a new ATH.
If the market will move higher it should prove it. It is time to see a second strong bar above MA50. We had already 2-3 days sideway action.
Till then the plan is the same - this is a corrective move no new ATH. Ideally we should see a sharp drop today/tomorrow with higher low and another move higher next week before the sell off resumes.

Visually how the moves bullish and bearish should look like.

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