Jul 13, 2015


I was wrong about the short term. The news from this morning about Greece changed the short term path... the bigger picture stays the same.

As long as the price is above 2085 the bullish scenario is in play. We are currently in wave 3. After up and down to finish iv/v of 3 and 4 wave 5 should follow to around 2120-2125 at the trend line.
I do not believe in the bearish case, but who knows... if the Greece deal falls apart. If the price could not reached the trend line and break below 2085 again than it is just an a-b-c corrective move.

Closer look of the squiggles how an impulse should look like. When wave 3 is finished if the price stays above 2085 we have an impulse and 5 should follow. If the price moves below 2085 it is just an a-b-c.


  1. Hi Karsi, you were absolutely right if you take into account of CFD trading before market open.. SP500 Cash actually dropped till 2059 and then bounce back... It's a perfect prediction! Thanks a lot.

    1. Yes, it is interesting it is not happening for the first time:)