Dec 3, 2015


Last time I wrote that an impulse is the obvious choice, but a zig-zag lower and than another move higher will fit better. Looking how the DAX reacts today after the ECB meeting and SP500 struggling to rally above 2090 for two weeks I think the preferred scenario has higher probability.

The white numbers are the short term cycles. I suspect that instead of two 40 day cycles we will see three shorter daily cycles which will finish a 20 week cycle.

Here is the impulse scenario. I think it has low probability, but lets keep an eye on it.
If the prices find support around MA200 the 2060-2065 area and turn higher there is still a chance for this scenario.


  1. Wave 4 can never overlap Wave 1.

  2. Krasi,

    Are you posting a weekend update this week? If not, I would like to know where you think we are now on SPX.


    1. I will post post weekend update this week:)