Mar 7, 2016


The indexes moved higher SP500 reached the resistance zone not a big surprise. So far we have two legs higher. On the chart are shown the two scenarios which I am talking for a while. This week should give us the answer.

My preferred scenario is that we have wave X (yellow) to correct the move down which begun last year and to reset the bearish sentiment.

Alternate scenarios if I am wrong:
The bearish scenario is we have single zig-zag "a-b-c" and "the bearish market" resumes - I do not see signs for that neither indicators nor cycles nor market breadth and three weeks are way too short to correct 9 months.
The bullish scenario - we should see the price continue higher and move substantially above resistance, to test it this time as support and new ATH for an impulse. The problem is market breadth is overbought and McClellan Oscillator at nose bleeding levels so another 100 points for wave 3 look problematic...


  1. Hi krasi, do u see it go down to 1932? Tq.

    1. If it is just an a-b-c this is the minimum target.
      It looks like a-b-c with final wave 5 from c to 2010-2020 missing. The ECB meeting on 10.03 could cause a spike... probably this final wave, but I want to see first reversal from the resistance zone for a confirmation.