May 4, 2016


The pattern looked like a triangle for more than a year, but after the plunge in USD/JPY it looks now like finished corrective zig-zag W-X-Y.
Yesterday the measurements were met and we have reversal candle. If my analysis is right we should see the final wave higher for the USD dollar in the next 9-12 months and in the mean time commodities should correct after the rally from early this year.

USD/JPY cycle analysis bottoms instead of tops - basically the same 8-9 year cycle. The next major low is 2020-2021... do you remember my post "Secular trends" and the period 2020-2022? Add USD/JPY to stocks,yields,precious metals... just another coincidence:)
This should be a 4 year cycle low... worst case one more test of the low in 1-2 months. I expect one more leg higher, "M pattern" and the next 4 year cycle and the 8 year cycle should make a top and USD/JPY heading lower until 2020-2021.

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