Apr 6, 2018


SPX/DJI/RUT/XLF the move lower looks like impulse and more important we have overleaping with the first wave. It does not look good for the bulls.
Come on bears I want to see new lows next week... please:)

Here is the "bearish plan" for the inpatient - Fibonaci poetry:) something around 2500-2520.

Here is how an impulse should look like - one more high around 2690-2700 is needed. The tech sector looks weak... difficult to see an impulse at the moment and the FANG stocks will look much better with one more lower low for a finished pattern. Now we wait to see if the impulse will be finished or not. We had already 1-2-3 which failed lets see what happens with this one.


  1. Seems it was an ABC & we get the lower low across the board

    1. It is too early for such conclusion, but looking at single financial and tech stocks one more lower low will look much better.
      We can only wait for confirmation anything else is guessing. The move lower should develop as impulse too and overlap with the previous waves.