Nov 29, 2013

Blow off phase?

I think we are witnessing stock mania again after 2000 and 2007. It starts looking like a blow off move...the last correction was a year ago, percent bears at extreme low and moving down, Mom and Pop buying mutual fonds again with both hands. The problem with such moves is, that you do not know, when they will end. All we know is that they end bad... always.

Zerohedge - Best run since 2004 eight green weeks in a row..

Business Insider - Margin debt at record high...

Zerohedge - Bears endangered species... mid-November were 15% now touching 14%, this are extreme levels.

Solarcycles blog - 15th straight week of inflows to EU equity funds - best run in 11 years.....

Solarcycles blog - parabolic again...

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