Nov 20, 2013


Short term signal: ? - it will turn down bellow 1780
Intermediate term signal: ? - it will turn down bellow 1760
Comment: FOMC pop and drop no surprise... but now I am confused. I am watching the charts for an hour and I can not decide the first chart or the second one is the real story. The daily chart is more important, but on the other side this move looks corrective especially if you look at the hourly chart of DJIA. If a correction has begun tomorrow should be a strong down day(or very weak positive day).

Clear rejection of this price level combined with divergences....
Corrective move and final push up(not necessary new ATH) before more meaningful move lower?


  1. Great stuff as always Krasi! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and analysis each trading day and weekend reviews.

    1. I am glad to hear, that the posts are helpful:)