Nov 14, 2013


DJ and SP500 have reached their targets, which is not a surprise... the MACD divergence has now one more top:) Now it is interesting if we will see a reversal. It will be very cool if TA and EW make a perfect hit to the point.


  1. Krasi,
    In terms of downside are you still thinking 15-20%, or less than that. I can't tell from the charts. Thanks.

    1. It is taking too long, this week was the last chance:) I think now the correction will be more shallow 10%-12%.
      The herd must be scared first even if the indexes will go higher,that is the way it usually works - greed is purged with sharp but short living corrections. So I think we will see toping in the next weeks and sharp drop for 2-3-4 weeks in January.

    2. And then you are thinking a final move higher for a marginal new high. Same as '00 and '07?

    3. Yes, if history repeats again.... usually secular bear markets last 17-18 years and there is 3 cyclical bears which cut the prices in half. But any correction now will be definitely a buy - the situation is still not so bad and most of the traders still believe that FED is in control:)