Feb 25, 2014


SP500 moved higher so no action was needed to close longs or open shorts - the problem this rally did not erased the divergences, they are all still there.
We have another candle with long shadow which could not close at new ATH / histogram / RSI(5) / MACD hourly / McClellan Oscillator / VIX divergences. This is not a healthy rally the line in the sand is the low for the last two days - 1835.


  1. Well.. sometimes I found your prediction is much more accurate in CFD.

    For example, like yesterday, the CFD Cash SP500 goes down to 1833 before reverse back to 1859 and then come down again....

    So your graph is making sense in CFD Cash SP500.. Good work, well done!!

  2. Hello Krasi,
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