Nov 25, 2014


The bullish scenario is playing out as expected. I think we are close to a short term top. Thanksgiving week and the end of the month so I do not expect some huge drop, but I think it is a good idea to take some profits when you see the next higher high or on Friday.


  1. Krasi,
    Is this the top of the trend ? looks like 2100 level should be reached and a swift correction from there onwards.

    Please comment.


  2. If you mean intermediate term I expect higher high with divergence. Worst case the top will be retested, I do not expect a plunge in the next several weeks.
    Long term I think this bull market will not end without some kind of a blow off mania before the system implodes. When we see a correction next year the CBs should freak out again and in coordinated move will try to the save the market again.... this should be the last hooray:)