Apr 30, 2015


I have written about the different markets which should reverse this summer. In the next weeks I should update the charts... I think NATGAS reversed today, and EURUSD - many could be caught off guard:)

Long USD and short EUR the surest bet.... not so fast. I have shown this chart a few months ago and now updated.
Everybody watching now wave 4 and waiting for the next wave lower..... I pray to see such development, but I suspect mister market will not reward everybody, it will be too easy.
Currently an impulse is running, it is either wave C of a correction or wave 3. When it is over(probably around 1,15) and we see the reaction, we will know what is going on. Sharp reversal USD bulls win:) weak pullback and one more high and we have confirmed bottom for the EURUSD.
I hope you was not too greedy and took profits around the target 1.04-1.05

Everybody counting wave 4 and why not finished impulse with expanded wave 5 and the bottom is behind us?
Wave 1-3 15 cent -> 1,618x0.15 -> 0.24 cent -> 1.28-0.24=1.04 perfect target hit and trend line hit above.

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