Feb 5, 2015


It looks like an impulse now pullback should follow. After an impulse this should be another short term buying opportunity. Minimum target another impulse with the same size around 2095-2100.


  1. Carnap:
    Hey krasi, S&P500 had a positive test of the 1992 level and after testing the MoB level the S&P500 has started an up move that meanwhile turned out to be an impulsive pattern.
    Referring to EW counting the image is becoming clearer more and more.
    The main EW count is a complex correction pattern as a wave II/B. Actually a wave (C) of a Flat pattern could be on the way. Ahead at 2064/65 there is an important resist level. A break of the level is able to turn the page. A re-testing of the all time high can bring the index into a break out scenario.
    Watch out for a break of the red trend line ahead of or at the resist level. If we will to see an impulsive down move subsequent the next test of the 1992 MoB could be on the way already.


    1. It is possible... at the moment the indicators and cycles point higher, but if I see SP500 below 2020-2025 I will switch to bearish view. We will know in the next two trading days.

    2. Carnap:
      Sorry the counting was not correct in any detail.